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Why does the limiter stop at +6 dB?

Question asked by J3627 on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by J3627

Using compressors to avoid output clipping says "I would suggest using a full-range (-90 dB to +24 dB) RMS compressor", but the compressors don't go to +24 dB, they only go to +6 dB:


compressor 0 dB.png


Used this way, it only limits for 6 dB and then gives up:


limiter 6 dB.png


But the headroom of the internal representation is 16.0 = +24 dB right?  So it's not possible to directly limit +24 dB down to 0 dB using the compressor block?  We have to attenuate by -18 dB before the compressor, limit to -18 dB, and then boost back up +18 dB so that the limited value lines up with the maximum output of 0 dB?  If I do that, then it behaves similarly to the Limiter block. Is that how these peak compressor blocks are meant to be used?