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ADE7953 AENERGY register

Question asked by morrademedo on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by hmani

Dear, I am developing a energy meter and I am having some problem to understand the ADE7953 AWATT and AENERGY registers. I can calibrate easily AWATT, but how this register is mathematically related with AENERGY? How AENERGY register depends of CRYSTAL FREQUENCY and AWATT?


In my case I have a load of 100 W (100 V and 1 A).

I calibrated VRMS for 10000, IRMSA for 1000 and AWATT for 10000, but AENERGY is accumulating 1541160 pulses in an hour. I think it must accumulate the same value of AWATT in an hour (I get the AENERGY value every second and accumulate it in RAM).


Why is it happening? I missed something?