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Battery Management, LED Driver ICs

Question asked by on Apr 9, 2013
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I’m hoping you can help me...



I am looking to develop a new bike light, but need help determining which components to use. The choices are overwhelming!



I realize that you are primarily an IC company, but I wanted to give you the full spec, so you can get a feel for what I am trying to do. Any recommendations as to components would be highly appreciated!!!




I have a 6V/40mA solar panel, which I am currently using to charge a single 3.7V/1200mAh Li-Ion battery. The panel works great, but I have no battery management, overcharge protection, etc. Then, I am looking to drive one or more LEDs that can provide a great combination of brightness/lumens/mcds with long battery life. Finally, an LED Drivers is needed to provide power management for High, Low & Flashing settings.




Block Diagram:



6V/40mA solar panel


Battery Management IC (needed)


3.7V/1200mAh Li-Ion Battery


LED Driver IC (needed)


LEDs (needed)




Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.