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'High Speed' UART interface to PC

Question asked by rhyseph on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by rhyseph

Hi all,


I have a proof of concept DSP system build around a BF533 EZkit. Currently I am using the Blackfin UART to control the Blackfin and send the processed data to a host PC via a USB to RS-232 adapter. I am using pyserial to run things on the PC end. It all works quite nicely... I do fancy some higher throughput, though.


So far, I have had the best results using an adapter based on a FTDI FT232B chip ( 464674 baud). I have a 30cm null modem cable between the adapter and the EZkit DB-9 connector, which I will try swapping out for an adapter. 


I was curious, has anyone had much success interfacing the Blackfin UART to a PC at speeds in excess of 1 Mbaud?