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Hardware trigger in FMCOMMS to align MIMO waveforms

Question asked by AnalogDiode on Apr 8, 2013
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We use the reference design to create cyclical RF waveforms from I/Q files. We store the files on the local media, and then use a shell script to trigger the cyclical replay like so: 


echo 1 > $dac_path/buffer/enable


Is it possible to trigger such cyclical replay of waveforms from a hardware signal? The intent is to have a fixed ( but not necessarily zero) delay between the trigger signal and the replay.


Such an arrangement would allow two different waveforms to be aligned for purposed of MIMO. If the delays from the trigger are known but constant, the two sets of waveforms could be precompensated for these delays so that they are aligned down to the clock cycle.


The shell script will clearly have variances between the command and the replay that will be not be constant delay.