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ADV7513 I2S Register programming correct?

Question asked by Lew.Imgtec on Apr 8, 2013
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I have an ADV7513 in our system and I am having a slight issue trying to get I2S audio to be heard on the HDMI panel.  Currently we are feeding 16-bit YUV data for 1080p at 148.5Mhz. and we get clean video sync up on the HDMI TV.

The audio format I am feeding to ADV7513 is 24-bit I2S format at 44.1kHz.  I'd like to know if the below register programming for the ADV7513 is correct.  Thanks.

MCLK = 16.934MHz.

SCLK = 2.116.8Mhz.

LRCLK =44.1kHz.


R 0x41 = 0x10

R 0x98 = 0x03

R 0x9a = 0xe0

R 0x9c = 0x30

R 0x9d = 0x61

R 0xa2 = 0xa4

R 0xa3 = 0xa4

R 0xe0 = 0xd0

R 0xf9 = 0x00

R 0x15 = 0x01

R 0x16 = 0x38

R 0x18 = 0xe6

R 0xaf = 0x96

R 0xba = 0x80

R 0x96 = 0xff

R 0x01 = 0x00

R 0x02 = 0x18

R 0x03 = 0x80

R 0x0a = 0x02

R 0x0b = 0x4e

R 0x0c = 0x04

R 0x15 = 0x01

R 0x14 = 0x0b

R 0x0a = 0x02