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ADAU1701 Noob

Question asked by gr4eme on Apr 8, 2013
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Hi Guys,


I am new to the ADAU1701 platform and trying to build a DSP module, my experience is all passive filter design (17 years of High-End audio) so this micro electronics is all new.


Looking at the eval schematic it looks like I should be able to build a circuit that will self boot from the eeprom and program with the external iUSB by taking the sections and adding them together.


I spent the best part of the day using Eagle PCB to create the attached schematic image of the circuit, Any help from more experienced people would be a great help as i am a little out of my depth here.


I have left the inputs and outputs clear as i will need to build an op amp circuit to convert to a differential inout/output on each end, i have also left off the supply regulation. Its all baby steps and im curious to see if my understanding of the eval schematic is correct with what i have produced.


many thanks in advance