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MATLAB FIR filter coefficients to Sigmastudio

Question asked by bressem on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by bressem

Hello. I am more or less completely new to the DAU1701 evaluation board so please be patient with me for asking this potentially silly question, but searching this site didn't give me any result.


Well here goes; I have been using MATLABS fdatool and filterbuilder commandos to design FIR filters but I haven't managed to get MATLAB to express itself in a  way so that I can implement it in Sigmastudio. I.e. in column vector form, real numbers. So far I have only managed to get it on

z = a + bi form inn MATLAB and as far as I can tell Sigmastudio can't read that format.


Any help would be appreciated, and again, sorry if any of this should be seen as obvious.


P.s. on a side note, anyone know where one might find example of a crosstalk cancellation matrix for Sigmastudio?