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AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ Bus Frequency

Question asked by kunchen on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by rejeesh

In the Overview of the board:

--The DAC and DAC's PCORE are connected by a line 16bits@500MHz.

--The ADC and ADC's PCORE are connected by a line 14bits@250MHz.


1. In the Wiki, the AD9523-1 gives 491.53MHz to the DAC and 245.765MHz to the ADC, this is the exact frequency of the Overvew, no?

2. The DAC's PCORE has 2 DDS (1a 1b, 2a 2b), this 500Mhz is shared by this 2 channel? 250Mhz for each channel?

3. The output is interleaved, I Q I Q .... I Q, so the effective frequency of data per channel, is 250Mhz/2?


4. In the XPS, there are 2 ADCs, are there also 2 channels in the ADC?


5. In the XPS there are 2 DAC's, could i delete 1 DAC?

6. If i deleted 1 DAC, so i would have only 1 channel, 500MHz will give to the only DAC?


Thanks you.