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Balckfin UART Driver

Question asked by tamirci on Apr 8, 2013
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I m using BF537 serial port to communicate 4D systems touchscreen LCD.


I wrote UART driver as below;


*pUART0_LCR = 0x0080;     // set DLAB for baoud rate settings

*pUART0_DLH = 0x03;

*pUART0_DLL = 0x2E;

*pUART0_LCR = 0x0003;     // claer DLAB and configure 8N1






I think settings are for using without DMA since i did not enable DMA8.


I can not receive any data with these settings. When i halt the CPU i m seeing different values at DLH and DLL registers.


CPU runs at 500 MHz while system clock is 125 MHz. The settings above are for 9600 kBps.


is there any thing wrong?


do you have any direct (register) c driver example with DMA and without DMA mode?


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