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I have some problem to ask you help about ADE7753

Question asked by boyka on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by hmani

Hi everyone:

      I designed a board with ade7753, and I place a VT(Voltage transformer) and a CT(Current Transformer) in the circute.

I don't know how to design the GND circute. I wonder if my circute have some big BUG.The cicute is in attachment.


     Another question, The ade7753 is working on LINE CYCLE mode. I read out LAENERGY(addr=0x04). I always get 0xffffff82 with a 100W lamp(power factor is 0.997), and got 0x00000000 whithout a lamp.

I want to know why the  LAENERGY(addr=0x04) value is negative number?


BTW, I felt very happy to got the hmani's hlep in the private message. Many Thanks.