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H.264  BP Decoder V4.0.0  Reference Buffer minimum size requirement

Question asked by manliustech on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by manliustech

Hello all,

     I'm using the H.264 Decoder in a multi instancing application and facing to a big problem regarding the minimum size for REFERENCE FRAMES hardwired to ADI_H264D_FRAME_L3BUFFER_SIZE constant that is about 3Mbytes.

Infact we are using 16 Mbytes sdram and for 4 instances of decoder, we don't have space to allocate all such buffers.

Since we know in advance the resolution (640x480) and no B frames used, I'm wondering why isn't possible to just have a single 640x480*3/2 reference buffer for each instance.

Since with I and P frames only one single reference buffer is enough, why cannot be just able to allocate such size instead of 3Mbytes?

I see that after each decoded frame, the reference frame is placed queued to previous one in a circular buffer of 3MBytes.

So is it possible to overtake such problem?

Thank you in advance for any answer

Best Regards

Manlio Zanotti