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PLL power configuration using System Services on BF561 hangs

Question asked by shimon on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2009 by ColinJ

Hi all,


1. I'm having trouble to initialize the power service (adi_pwr_...) on the BF561 (on the EZ-Kit Lite), it even happens when I compile and run an example code coming with the VDSP. It is stuck on some instruction inside the _adi_pwr_program_pll() function in adi_pwr_asm.asm. Only by pausing program runtime (shift+F5) and resuming several times I am able to get out of this function. Still the program does not proceed normally. I am not able to understand why is it so, and why sometimes the same code runs ok. I have never had such problem on the BF548. Am I missing something?


2. I am also unable to get any interrupts on the BF561 (timer interrupts, for example) - again, using timer service. The same sequence on code does generate interrupts correctly on the BF548, though.


I'm using VDSP++ 5.0 and debugging through HPUSB-ICE.


I'm putting a very simple code I have made - I am willing to receive interrupt callbacks.

On  BF548, the callbacks are generated normally, while on BF561 they are not.


I'll appriciate any help or tips.