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ADSP -bf609 :Loading the program in RAM

Question asked by Jayapriya on Apr 4, 2013
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Im  using  EZ-Lite debug agent.I'm not clear about flashing my code .

Below sentences which Im not able to correlate to:

- With a CCES session running and connected to the EZ-KIT Lite via the
USB standalone debug agent, the DDR2 registers are configured automatically
each time the processor is reset.

- External flash of "32 MB quad serial flash" is available on EZ kit which is non-volatile can be used for data storage & processor boot.


1.Please explain the SPI interface to boot . Or connection with DDR2 for flashing?

2.If EZ-KIT Lite is using USB standalone debug agent ,then how to load the code in RAM ?? Once after boot , program should be loaded into RAM &

executed . Should we explicitly do via code or loader will do ??