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ADE7816 Angle Measurement

Question asked by fiqih.88 on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by hmani


I have a problem with my ADE7816 about Angle Value. I have set PCF_x_COEFF with same value as attached in datasheet 0x400CA4 because i used 50Hz. But the Angle value is not match with LUTRON DW-6092 Power Measurement. For the example, Angle Value in Lutron is -140.8 and Angle Value of AD7816 is 356.9.


The following my step to reading the Angle Value :

1. Setting PCF_x_COEFF = 0x400CA4 ; This step is based on datasheet at page16

2. Setting COMPMODE = 0x01FF

3. Reading ANGLE0 register every IA/ID is Zero Crossing

4. Reading ANGLE1 register every IB/IE is Zero Crossing

5. Reading ANGLE2 register every IC/IF is Zero Crossing

6. Calculating ANGLE0, ANGLE2 and ANGLE3 as Equation 16 (Page 28) >> ANGLE = (ANGLEx*360*Fline)/256000


I already to tried change the PCF_x_COEFF, but the ANGLE value is doesn't match.


Please give me a solution for this problem.