Example of using I2S PCG and SPORT interrupts

Discussion created by harders@khtronik.de on Apr 3, 2013


due to the invaluable help from Mahesh i got my problem with the SPORT interrupts solved and the code works fine. As a little pay back to the help i post this example using the PCG and the SPORTs 0/1 in a pass through mode.

The attached file is a complete CCES project.

The program initializes one PCG and supplies the clock and frame-sync internally to SPORT0 and SPORT1. It also supplies these signals to the external codec. So none of the SPORTSs nor the Codec is a master. The SPORT0 interrupt gets the data from the ADC part of the codec and store it for the SPORT1 service routine. The SPORT1 service routine outputs the data to the DAC.


If you have any comments, corrections or questions please post them :-).


Regards and special thanks to Mahesh, Kurt