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AD9920A 3-phase h-blanking polarities?

Question asked by on Apr 3, 2013
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we've got another problem with the AD9920A, this time regarding the Blanking of the horizontal-drives during vertical shifting.


Our 3-phase CCD demands that R1/R2 are high while shifting, R3 should be low.

The question now would be how to implement that in the frontend configuration - as I understand it, there's only HBLK_MASK_H3P in register 0x18 of the sequence config which configures the masking polarities in 3 phase mode (are the others probably active as well?).


In Figure 34/35 it looks like that that mask level affects all three of them - or do i get it wrong?

I guess ccd's in 3 phase mode are quite similar in that demands, so i guess that should be possible...there must be a way to configure it for it.


Here are the timings i need to generate and what the ad9920a datasheet says to the 3-phase-mode blanking:



Thanks for your help!

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