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ADV7180: Teletext decoding issue

Question asked by NLaeaeper Employee on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by DaveD

We are using an ADV7180 at teletext decoder in a project for visual disable people. We notice that in most cases the decoding is as expected, but in some cases the ADV fails to decode some lines of teletext. If we route the same video signal to a TV set, the TV set is perfectly decoding the same teletext signal. We observed the amplitude of the signal, and that is large enough.  (increasing it does not change anything). We also changed the circuit with the  VREFN/VREFP as advised by AD, by putting one capacitior in between, in stead of two to GND.


Are there maybe any registers we could experiment with that could have positive effect? (or any other advise).