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Using the ADF4158, how would I program it to ramp up, hold, then ramp down?

Question asked by flefever on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by flefever

I'm evaluating using the ADF4158 to produce a 100MHz ramp centered at 4.3GHz. The output first ramps up from 4.25GHz to 4.35GHz, holds at 4.35 GHz for a delay, then ramps back down to 4.25GHz, again holds for a delay, then repeats the process. My question is which registers must be changed to start the ramp down, while holding at the high frequency? Looking at the data sheet, it would appear only the Deviation register R5 would need a new value, followed by a write to R0 to re-enable the ramp. But, unclear if the previous values for the ramp up would be reloaded or if the device would start at the last value.