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A simple ldr use ddr can't boot  by SPIO master mode in BF609 ez-brd

Question asked by Bill.Xie on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Bill.Xie


    The simple program not user ddr memery can able to boot by SPIO master mode in BF609 ez-brd. If the same program use ddr memery can work fine in debug by HPUSB, but ldr file load into spi flash and the program is not boot. I also add BF609_init_v00.dxe to init ddr, for example:


elfloader -proc ADSP-BF609 -b SPI -bcode 0x1 –init BF609_init_v00.dxe led_test_Core0.dxe -o led_test.ldr -f HEX -Width 8


Please to how to solve this problem,thank you.