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difference between clock sampling freq and DAC freq of AD9122

Question asked by sandeepsreeman on Mar 30, 2013
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what is the relation between the sampling clock freq and DAC freq (is it necessary that both should be same)

here are the observations which i have seen when evaluating AD9122 with DPG

sample rate from DPG is 192MSPS

output freq (Analog output) is 10MHz

and iam using 2X interpolation (only HB1 is enabled) which means my data rate is doubled to 384MHz.this freq is called DAC freq and if iam putting my sampling clock as 384MHz then iam seeing my output in spectrum analyzer at 10MHz and if i put my sampling clock as 192MHz iam seeing my output at 5MHz....

iam unable to understand what is relation between sampling clock and Freq of  DAC