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Algorithm design call library functions need what precautions?

Question asked by ymwlike on Mar 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by JJoseph


using CrossCore Embedded Studio tools to implement the algorithm  design,

Now, I encountered a few problems.

I will be using in the CCES library functions, such as header files <filter.h>

Function as follows: complex_float *twidfft(complex_float __pm _twiddle[], int _fft_size);

  complex_float *cfft( complex_float        __dm _input[],

                       complex_float        __dm _temp[],

                       complex_float        __dm _output[],

                       const complex_float  __pm _twiddle[],

                       int                       _twiddle_stride,

                       int                       _n );etc.

Can directly call it?Still must pay attention to what matters?

In addition _twiddle [] This variable how  define?

Defined directly  such  as complex_float pm twiddle [32];

Into a global variable and then it will problems prompt "Type 'pm' could not be resolved".