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Creation of Selfboot Image from Export System Files

Question asked by R.Greenway on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by BrettG

So we have our hardware programming dongle as described in this thread:

working and able to program the Selfboot Image as created from Sigma Studio into the DSP device.


Our next step though is creating a custom GUI to modify parameters in the DSP, and save those new modified values into our custom self boot image.   Is there any description on how to generate a selfboot image from the exported system files?


We talked with an engineer at 2013 CES about this issue, and the suggestion at the time was to put a micro controller into the project to load the DSP code with.  We can't go that route for cost, and most of the uses for this will be set once and never touched again.  So that is why we have a dongle.


We currently have it working where we can selfboot the DSP and modify the parameter in the DSP with the dongle.  All that we are missing is how to know where that parameter lies in the selfboot E2Prom.hex file.  Or how to generate our own selfboot image from the exported system files.