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BF-548 ARDY Pin Functioning

Question asked by Varun-Blackfin on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by Varun-Blackfin

In the last line of the following paragraph of BF-548 Technical reference Rev 1.0  August 2010, the statement ARDY is "sampled asserted" should rather be "sampled de-asserted"


The  ARDY input is treated as an asynchronous input, however it must reach the desired value (either asserted or deasserted) more than one  SCLK cycle before the schedule d rising edge of AWE  or  ARE . This determines whether the access is extended or not. Once the transaction is extended by the assertion of  ARDY, the transaction completes in the cycle after ARDY is sampled asserted.