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Limitations on number of lines of comments in ASM files

Question asked by Ashutosh on Mar 29, 2013
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I am working on SHARC-21160, VDSP ++ Ver:3.5 and Emulator EX-KIT Lite via HPPCI. I observed that when I increase the number of characters in header section comments of hdr.asm file (file containing the interrupt table for the ADSP-21160) the emulator starts behaving abnormally. The breakpoints do not work and emulator loses control over the execution.


I also observed that if I revert the changes, the emulator starts working fine. This problem happens in only emulator build with debug mode ON. In normal build it works fine.


I need to increase the characters in header file for documentation purposes.


These are the 4 questions I am having:


1) Is there any limitation on number of characters that can be defined in comments in headers of file hdr.asm(file containing the interrupt table for the ADSP-21160)?


2) Is this limitation restricted to only hdr.asm or other ASM files with more number of characters will throw problem?


3) Is there any literature existing that documents this constraint.


4) What's so specific about ASM file that comments cannot be eliminated in pre-processing during build process with debug mode(if its the case)?