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How to implement IIR filters with multiple bands in Blackfin?

Question asked by josephzhang Employee on Mar 28, 2013


    I'm now programming using BF527.    I'm trying to implement an audio crossover filter which can dynamic changing the coefficients in Blackfin.   This IIR filters which can select one of the 16 sets of coefficients stored in memory.

    How can I implement this?   Shall I use: iirdf1_init (state,df1_coeffs,delay,NSTAGES);

to initilize the filter banks and use: coeff_iirdf1_fr16 (a_coeffs,b_coeffs,df1_coeffs,NSTAGES);

to change the coefficients.

    Can I change the coefficients on-the-fly with "coeff_iirdf1_fr16" function?   If so, do I need to further init the filters using "iirdf1_init"?

    I really hope that I can on-the-fly change the coefficients without resetting the delay-lines of the IIR filters.

    Any suggestions?   Thanks!