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Clock Generator Selection Problem

Question asked by Zartagal on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by Kyle.Slightom


I'm developing a new high speed design where I need a clock generator. It's an embedded system where the size and the consumption are very important. I would need some help to recommend a clock for the system. The features of the chip are:

-          Frequency Range: 0 – 800 MHz (at least 160, 240, 250, 320 and 640 MHz)

-          Internal VCO.

-          Outputs:

  • 2 x LVPECL
  • 2 x LVCMOS
  • 1 x LVDS (optional, 2x)

-          Jitter RMS < (aprox) 300fs

-          Power Consumption:  < 1W (<800mW desirable)

I would prefer a chip with everything integrated as the first option, instead of separated generation, and distribution. The internal VCXO would be imperative too . Any suggestion?