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adv739x evm + adv7390/91 evm external input

Question asked by aha on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by aha

hi guys


Can somebody help me with routing an external video source thru the adv739x evm  to the  adv7390/91 evm? I am trying

to make composite PAL SD video with little success. I got an external camera chip outputing 8bit digital video, (8b data, hsync vsync, pixel clock etc) hooked up to the J4 connector of the adv739x evm, but cant seem to get any of that onto the 7390/91 evm.


checking on the scope I can see the pixel data etc on the J4 connector.

I seem to fail on getting the fpga to actually output the datastream to the adv7390 evm, Checking the clock /data input on the adv7390/91 evm

with the scope I get nothing. (eg checking signal on R4  or R2 R3)


As far as I understood the "ADV739x eval RvD" doc, this routing should be a matter of setting the routing bits in the FPGA, but as

I get nothing I assume I must have missed something.

I set

1. Video mux select register (0x00) to 0x45 : "Expansion port to 32-pin devices (8-Bit Data)" and "pass field signal to encoder"

2. Clock select register (0x10) to 0x01: "Clock from expansion port"

3. dcm control register (0x11) to 0x00: "External Clock DCM in Normal state, Oscillator DCM in Normal state".



I had success getting composite video from the composite input on adv739x evm and out to the connector on the adv7390/91 evm, so the

hardware itself seem to work well.


EDIT: register FF says FPGA version is 0xB1, guess that may be relevant


any ideas?