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Audio question with ADV7612

Question asked by Hahorse on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2013 by Hahorse

Hello experts

In our project,We use Analog Devices' ADV7612 to recieve vedio and audio signal from HDMI cable.We list our question below.

1. How could FPGA kown that there is new audio signal received by ADV7612 and how to identify which audio format is received.

2. If FPGA has kown that the ADV7612 recieved LPCM signal,how could the FPGA start to receive the audio signal from ADV7612 by I2S interface,is there any status to indicate that?

3. I kown DST format is a kind of compressed DST,but I don't sure whether DST and DST bit stream using the same protocol to transmitte audio signal.

4 What is the detail format of HBR(high bit rate)?can you give me some information about that ?

Thanks inadvance.