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Characteristics of EMUCLK (for benchmarking)

Question asked by Matt on Sep 21, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by DivyaS

Hi there,


I’m trying to do some profiling of the SPI interface between a 2136x DSP and a host processor (bytes/sec, commands/sec, etc) and am trying to use EMUCLK to limit the ‘recording window' to a certain number of seconds.  I just wanted to verify a couple of things:


1)      EMUCLK starts at zero and begins incrementing immediately after reset? (It’s active during the boot process, and increments even while idle instructions are executed)

2)      It increments at the core-clock rate?



I ask because I’m getting some suspicious results.   At the very top of the SPI ISR, where I handle communications with the host, I have this line so that I can subtract the ‘offset’ – i.e. the amount of time that the processor spent booting and setting up, rather than executing normally.


if( gFirstClk == 0) asm("r0=emuclk; dm(_gFirstClk)=r0;"); //update C variable 


So, what has me questioning my results is that I’m getting a value of 0x25 for gFirstClk every time?  What I do is to power-up the part, and let it run for 10 seconds or so – then I hit connect in the debugger and then halt. (It’s config’d to not do anything upon connection.)



Any ideas?