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Question asked by escottpowell on Mar 27, 2013
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I have a EVAL-ADV739XFEZ kit and am trying to get a simple "pass-through" setup running:

  • NTSC CVBS in to the "CVBS" RCA port on EVAL-ADV739XFEZ
  • ADC to 8-bit ITU-R BT.656 in the ADV7403
  • Output to the connected ADV7390/91EBZ daughter-card to regenerate the CVBS NTSC signal.


I have downloaded, installed, and played around with the ATV Benchtop software, but the associated directories and files are difficult to navigate with only the Script Editor user manual and ADV739x_eval_RvD.pdf.


1) Can you outline the correct initialization and setup procedure to enable the operation described above? i.e. which ATV Benchtop panels to run, how to initialize them and the proper commands to execute. Perhaps scrips already exist to enable this, but I have not been able to isolate them.

2) When I try to do a simple I2C register read of the FPGA (ID 0x50, addr 0x00), I get the following error:



Writes to the same register don't result in the same error, but as of right now I have no way to verify they've been properly executed them since I cannot read back.


Thank you. Your help is MUCH appreciated.