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ADXL345 use of TAP and Double TAP to detect peaple walking, is it possible?

Question asked by Maurizio_IT on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by NevadaMark


thank you for past solution. Now ADXL345 works very well in all features. My project use ADXL345 to detect the position and activity of peaple wearing sensors on the chest. Static position detection works well in low power mode interrupt for my MCU.
I would like to add a walking detection feature to my device and for this I have read this document:

Full-Featured Pedometer Design Realized with 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer By Neil Zhao

Analog Dialogue 44-06, June (2010)


Questions are:

1) is there a source code (ansi C) of previous document to evaluate?

2) in the document the MCU can't go in sleep mode. My idea is to use some kind of TAP and DOUBLE TAP interrupt to wakeup my mcu when first walks start and detect the begin of walking activity without keep wakeup the MCU and let long battery use. I need just to detect when walk activity start (few seconds processing) and wait for inactivity (INACT) when finish. I don't need to calculate calories, speed, distance ect. Do you have any hints how to use ADXL345 for this target?


Thank you.