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Elements in schematic editor get corrupted/uneditable

Question asked by vanHouten on Mar 27, 2013
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Hello all,

I just ran into trouble with my SigmaStudio schematic which unfortunately renders my project useless.

All of a sudden the elements within one particular schematic pane are no longer accessible for editing and

some of them are permanently being displayed as if the window was being refreshed incompletely. (See attached picture)

One can still move the elements around and the connection paths will follow while doing so, yet all one can edit

by clicking into the elements are only the name tags.

Before redoing the entire design from scratch I thought I ask here if someone knows any better.

Is there a way to somehow repair corrupted projects?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion!


p.s.: Sigma Studio Version is 3.6 Build 2, Rev 957