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AD9122 for ssb modulation

Question asked by serdar on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by Tguy

Dear Sir& Madam,

I am working on a new design which is SSB modulator. I need a quadrature DAC to drive I/Q modulator to generate ssb modulated signal. The DAC that I found is 1230MSPS(AD9122), but I only need max 500KHz ssb modulation bandwidth around the carrier. I will use AD9914 as an I/Q modulator LO (ssb carrier) from 2-1000 MHz with DAC as an envelop geterator  (to generate m(t) from 10 to 500KHz ). Can you please help me to select DAC for that design ? I have checked some lower speed DACs but there is no DAC which has  integrated Phase and Amplitude adjustment. For LO and side band suppression I know that we need that adjustment options integrated in DACs. Please check attached block diagram.  If you can help me to solve that problem I will really be appratiated.

I also need to know, Is it possible to hilber transform inside the AD9122 .

Thanks Serdar