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ADV7611 WUXGA problem

Question asked by Nikkee on Mar 26, 2013
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We have a problem in our repeater using ADV7611(HDMI Rx) and ADV7513(HDMI Tx).
The problem is that ADV7513 TMDS output is stopped intermittently in 1920x1200@60 WUXGA Reduced Blanking.
Other input video modes, etc. UXGA, SXGA, 1080p, are no problem.
We are using a driver "".
The rate of incidence is 7 sets per 149 sets.
We found out the thread about ADV7604 WUXGA using PRIM_MODE value : 0x02 and VID_STD value : 0x19 in EZ
and tried those values in ADV7611 of our repeater.
Then the problem has been solved.
Is that setting correct ? or is there other best setting ?
Using PRIM_MODE value : 0x06 (Default), the problem is not solved.


thanks in advance,