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How to communicate with the low speed SPI slaves from BF525 (SPI Master) by using DMA

Question asked by marugeneral on Mar 26, 2013
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      I am interfacing Redpine Wi-Fi module (RS-WC-201) with BF525 through SPI interface in slave mode.


      I want to send 100Kbytes (which stored in the SDRAM) of data packet from BF525(Master) to RS-WC-201 wifi module(Slave) through SPI by using DMA. But the SPI slave device (Wi-Fi module) supports maximun 12MHz clock frequency. If we use DMA for SPI data transfer then such low speed slaves can able to receive the data without any losses ?


Our BF525 Configuration:

Core clock     :  533MHz

System clock : 133MHz


      If its possible means please suggest me any working code for data transmission.


My requirement:

In RS-WC-201 WiFi module's Datasheet given that SPI interfacing settings should be as follows :


1.Configure SPI in master mode. Configure SPI MISO pin, SPI

MOSI pin, SPI CLK pin, SPI CS pin. Configure SPI peripheral in full

duplex mode.

2.Configure clock polarity CPOL as "0" and clock phase CPHA as "0"

3.Configure transfer length to 8 bits.

4.Configure data mode as MSB first

5.Configure SPI clock upto 12MHz (buad rate)