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Ram Initialization and Ram State

Question asked by sankarbs on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by JoeT

Hi ,



I have some questions Autosar .


1) Autosar provides an Api to initialize the Ram i.e Mcu_InitRamSection.

Find the Req Below.




The function Mcu_InitRamSection shall fill the memory from address McuRamSectionBaseAddress up to address McuRamSectionBaseAddress + McuRamSectionSize-1 with the byte-value contained in McuRamDefaultValue, where McuRamSectionBaseAddress, McuRamSectionSize and McuRamDefaultValue are the values of the configuration parameters for each RamSection (see MCU030).


As BF609 supports two cores , Should both Rams L1 and L2 be initialized .


Note we are provided with RamsectionBaseAddress , SectionSize and the defaultvalue to initialize with.


2) Autosar provides an API to fetch the Ram state as well ,

MCU207 :


Note: Some microcontrollers offer the functionality to check if the Ram Status is valid after a reset. The function

Mcu_GetRamState can be used for this reason.

How to fetch the Ram state ?


Please guide me in this regard.


Thanks in advance.