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Beamformer project hardware

Question asked by ag09 on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by MaheshN


I am working on an audio beamforming project with at least 4 microphones. Each line has a tapped delay on the order of milliseconds. I am wondering what hardware is suitable for this project.

SigmaDSP suggested using 2 ADAU1761 and connect them via I2S. I was wondering if I can do this project using the ADSP-21489 EZKITLITE.

Since I am not very good at coding, I want to use sigmastudio (to generate code?) and crosscore embedded studio (to build the project targeted for the board?).


Is the ADSP21489 suitable for my project?


I downloaded sigma studio 3.8 and tried to add the ADSP-214xx processor but got the error message "unable to detect valid version of sigmastudio" requires version 3.7 or newer. I have version 3.8 installed. Is the 21489 processor not compatible with sigma studio 3.8?