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DPI / SPI pins function toggling

Question asked by emenrique on Mar 25, 2013
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Normally in applications DPI and DAI have fix functions and

connections to specific peripherals.

I have an unique situation where I need to:


1. Temporarily disconnect the SPI MOSI and SPI CLK lines

   and I want to bit bang those DPI lines. So how do I

   I park the MOSI and SCK safely? Later on I would need

   to put back the SPI lines back to the original DPI lines.

  Do I just go call the following lines?  Basically I want to  avoid

  two peripherals driving same pin.


disconnect SPI peripheral

SRU(LOW, DPI_PBEN01_I); // originally SPI MOSI

SRU(LOW, DPI_PBEN03_I); // originally SPI CLK


restore SPI peripheral






2. SPI_MOSI is traditionally connected to DPI 1. If I redefine

    DPI 1 to be MISO, and I still want to use SPI TIMOD1

    and wrote a value to TXSPI is this still valid in that MOSI

   will not be connected to anything or to any DPI and would the transfer

   still go? In this thought the MOSI line just drives air internal

   within the DSP.