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Some doubt about the “General Filter” Module

Question asked by ymwlike on Mar 25, 2013
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General Filtered in sigmastudio use,I use an external chip control ADSP21489,

There are some problems but in the General Filter here.

When "General Filter" gain value is zero or direct ( equivalent to:b0 = 1, b1 = 0, b2 = 0, a1 = 0, a2 = 0),System began slowly unstable until no sound.

but "General Filter" Gain changed to other values found no problem .

I do not understand is directly sigmastudio control was not aware that the problem,

and there is a strange phenomenon as shown below:

In sigmastudio ,Why a1, a2 is equal to 0 transmitted data but it will be 0x80000000.

Can help analyze problem?