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Linux configuration for HDMI Video output on ZC702

Question asked by starhwk on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by larsc



I started working with the HDMI Video output on ZC702 design( using Xilinx Linux kernel, and I have some questions to ask.


1. The Linux kernel for ADI design uses i2c-gpio driver instead of i2c-xilinx driver. With i2c-gpio, I was having trouble to probe/initialize i2c-mux(pca9548) in the device driver(pca954x). On the other hand, It works ok with i2c-xilinx except the i2c write timeout that happens once in a while. Is this something you observed? or did you have any other reason to switch to i2c-gpio from i2c-xilinx?


2. I tested drm KMS functions of this design using the simple test cases from libdrm. I wonder if you find any other KMS test cases useful, before moving on to run X server or any other display managers.