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ADP198, maximum of RDSon, VOUT time and VOFF time

Question asked by usaghi on Mar 21, 2013
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We are now evaluating ADP198 LFCSP package for load switches.

Could you please show us following specs which we could not success to find out in datasheet ?


a) maximum value of RDSon, when 2.5V, 100mA

We can see Figure.8 on page.8, but please make sure whether these values on the chart is maximum or typical, and if it is typical, please let us know maximum.


b) VOUT time, (from Enable on to VOUT stable)

Table 1 only shows typical value, and chart on Figure 27 ~ 30 seems doesn't say clearly, but please could you provide maximum value ?


c) VOFF time, (from Enable off to VOUT become low)

In regards to VOFF time, datasheet says <is also dependent on the RC time constant.>

If you show us example R and C values and calculation, in order to limit VOFF time at most below 2ms when 2.5V 100mA load, it would be very much appreciated.


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