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Does the BF537 really have 3 16-bit MACs?

Question asked by GatsbyDSP on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by ppriola

According to the datasheet for the BF537/BF534/BF536 each chip is able to support three 16-bit MACs, but the Analog Devices spreadsheet comparison tool states:


BF534     500MHz     1000MMACS

BF536     400MHz     800MMACS


In fact, the details for the BF537 are all missing but presumably with a clock frequency of 600MHz it should support 1200MHz.


However, if the datasheet is true and they really do support three MACs the table should be:


BF534     500MHz     1500MMACS

BF536     400MHz     1200MMACS

BF537     600MHz     1800MMACS


Can anyone explain this to me?