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ADE7878 calibration not affecting measure

Question asked by neutrin on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by hmani

Hi folks,

i'm having fun with a couple of ADE7878 interfaced with an atmel micro throught SPI interface. I'm able to communicate with both meters and read/write all registers, but i'm having problems with the measure. As first test i connected 5V DC on all 3phase input and a CT on phase A while leaving all the other inputs open. I'm expecting to see a zero reading on voltage channel because of HPF, and zero current (plus offset) because CT is not connected to a load. What i get is a reading of 1 on VRMSA, B, C and around 800 on IRMSA. At this point i started to write AIGAIN, AVGAIN and offset register but i see no changes in the readings. I can see changes if i manipulate PGA register. Other thing is that CF1, which is connected to PHASE A active power, is blinking at about 200 hz while AWATTA reading is 0 , -1.

Any suggestiong?