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bf609 spi interface comunicate with nrf24l01 module

Question asked by chrischen on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Prashant

     Hi, everyone. I have a nrf24l01 module , and comunicate it via spi(spi1) interface of bf609. I use adi_spi_bf6xx.c in 

Power-On Self-Test (POST)   supplied by CCES as the spi driver(I have attached).   I want to assure that the SPI initialisation works well and then start to transmit datas through spi to the nrf24l01 module  to read it's regiter value. Normally, if i send one byte commond to nrf24l01  through spi , it will synchronous return the nrf24l01 status register value , and then return the next data. But i get the same value per cycle. It same to be the reset value of status register(i got the value 0xe). I think that i didn't config the  spi register right. .For me it seems to be a little difficult but with your help I hope I will finish this project...Thanks again...I'm waiting for your response. 



nrf24l01 read operation:

read operation.jpg

hardware connection:

hardware connection.jpg