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Usage of CGU Event and CGU Error in BF609 controller

Question asked by sazid on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by JoeT

Hi All,


Question related to MCU module.

ADSP-BF609 supports CGU Event and CGU Error under Clock Generation Unit.

There is some confusion while accessing Event and Error in coding.


CGU Event:

1. If the lock error happens during reset, system reset will be exited and a CGU Event will be triggered.

2. If the PLL lock error occurs during a PLL frequency change, the CGU Event interrupt makes the cores exit idle.

CGU Error:

1. If the PLL fails to lock(CGU Event is triggered for core exit from Idle), the PLL will be disabled and a CGU Error is triggered. In addition, CGU_STAT.PLOCKERR is set. The PLL resets itself when it is disabled.

Is it possible to handle two interrupts for one event occurance. If Yes, Which Interrupt needs to executed first?




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