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Question asked by adhawkins on Mar 20, 2013
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I'm trying to make use of interrupts to detect changes in input video format. Initially I'm working with the Composite input, but will extent this to the others once I get this working.


I've written the value 0x09 to IO Map register 0xa0, to enable the SDP_STD_CHANGED and SDP_VIDEO_DET interrupts on IRQ1. I've also set INTRQ_DUR_SEL (bits 6 and 7 of IO Map register 0x40) to b11 (active until cleared).


I don't currently have the interrupt connected (I'm testing using the EVAL-ADV7842-7511P board), but am polling the interrupt status register (0x3f in the IO map) and checking bits 0 and 1 for any indication that an interrupt is present. I am correctly seeing interrupt status register bit for IRQ1 (bit 1 of register 0x3f in the IO map) go high and the SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED_ST bit go high if I remove and reconnect the input source. However, if I change the input format from PAL to NTSC (or vice versa) I do not see the interrupt status register bit for IRQ1 go high as I would expect.


Can you offer any advice as to where I am going wrong? Is there something else I need to set up to receive this interrupt?