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Problem with two LDR files on ADSP21488 using CCES

Question asked by MZC on Mar 20, 2013
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For my custom standalone board, where host processor is only used to communicte with ADSP21488 via SPI, i need to flash my bootable application on Serial FLash. I generate two LDR files. LDR1 contains application code that need to be written on SFlash and LDR2 contains Flash device programm to write the LDR1 to SFLash. With CCES(in dxe2 file), I am able to flash LDR1 to SFlash and boot ADSP from SFlash. But when i used LDR2 to boot ADSP from Host processor so that it should write the contents of  LDR1 to SFlash, it would not work. The contents of LDR1 is defined as static array in LDR2 (or dxe2).

So my question is : Is it a way to flash application code to SFlash using two LDR files (without using CCES)?


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