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AD9910 DAC output versus AD9914 DAC output

Question asked by Cjp3323 on Mar 20, 2013
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     I'm currently working on switching from using a AD9910 to a AD9914 on a board I'm working on. What I'm interested in is what's different between the two. This is important in order for me to know what I need to change (if anything) on the board. From what it looks like, the balun network for the DAC output on the two modules differ even though the sections on both data sheets titled 12/14-bit DAC output are almost identical. Now when I look at the pin descriptions I see that the AD9914 outputs a differential voltage whereas the AD9910 outputs a differential current. I'm new to balun networks so I'm wondering if I can make the current balun network I have (the one on the AD9910 eval. board sch.) work with the new chip. I'm not familiar with the balun network on the AD9914 eval board schematic so if anyone has any input and/or nice pdfs/application notes on the subject, it would be much appreciated.