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AD7997 Conversion Results Register only show MSBs and LSBs are zero

Question asked by robert_ami on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by jcolao

I am using the EVAL-AD7997EBZ/AD7998EBZ dev kit and When I read the Conversion Results Register I only get the MSBs "The four high bit of the adc" and on the second byte read I get all zeros for the LSBs " the lower 8 bits of the A to D". 


This is my procedure


1) Set the configuration register to the input I want a value for

2) Using Mode 2 I write to the Input I want to read with P3-P0 zero

3) I read two bytes from the same address I just wrote two.


The puzzling this about this is I am getting data from the MSBs on the first byte read it is just the seconD byte read I get all zeros.


I am Confused???